Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Trick?!?!?!

- Superman-ballerina-happy witch -

When did dressing up as a nurse become dressing up as a slutty nurse or a super hero become super tight, super slutty, super sexy?  How is this in any way appropriate, and why do we as parents allow it to continue? What kind of message are we sending our daughters when we send them out in these costumes?  What does this say about us as a society? Why can't we slow down the growing up process and hold on to the innocence? Our girls need better role models. Stronger figureheads. More imagination less exploitation. 
I vow to you my girls and to all the little girls in my life- to not send you out in slutty witch/superhero costumes.To not buy those costumes.  To encourage you to be creative and imaginative.  To use your brains instead of your looks.  To embrace your female powers. To stand up for yourselves and not hide behind society's depiction of you.  I will do my best to instil confidence and self love. To be the change I want to see.  Your example to follow.  
Until then I can only hope that Superman-Ballerina - Happy Witch will continue to believe that the sky is the limit.


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