Saturday, November 20, 2010

I Used to be Cool

My sister saw this bumper sticker the other day on a minivan that sums up my current "situation" perfectly. I Used to be Cool.
There was a time when I ran with the cool kids. I went out at night. I wore "cool" clothes. I knew what was "in" and I DID NOT DRIVE A MINIVAN!
Don't get me wrong, I love my life. I love my two adorable daughters and my wonderful husband, but I do find myself longing for my younger, cooler self.
When people from my previous cool past ask about the minivan I tell them that "it came with the house". The house in the SUBURBS.
Just the other day I was reminded that when I met my wonderful husband I had dreadlocks and a nose ring. I lived in a small mountain town and drove a cute little car. Almost five years later I no longer have dreadlocks, the nose ring has been replaced by two diamond studs (in my ears), I live in suburbia and I DRIVE A MINIVAN!
I have come a long long way from cool.
For now I am OK with being here. I realize that I will get back to cool one day. And until then I will relish driving my minivan shouting "Can we fix it? Yes we Can!"

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