Friday, January 13, 2012

Why do I Need an iPad?


I am writing to you from an ageing and archaic device which is breathing it's lasts breaths....It has served me well and has cost me nothing (other than a few hours of aggravation).
I am writing to ask the age old question... WHY DO I NEED AN IPAD???? Can it be my sole technological device - the one that supports me and all that comes with me? Can it store my pictures - read my emails - write my blogs - create my documents - watch my favourite shows?  Will it annoy me that I do not have a keyboard?  When I am sitting in bed or at my desk, wanting to type - will I be irritated by it's lack of stability? Where will it sit? Will I have to hold it? Because as I type right now my laptop sits comfortably on my lap ( as the name would suggest) and I look at it's lovely big screen.  I get a sense of accomplishment as I hear the keyboard go tap tap tap.... Will I miss this? Will I miss that wonderful snap/click sound as I close my computer? Safely snapping in all my documents.
I am reminded of when I had to decide between my Nokia flip phone and a new blackberry pearl - remember that far back? It was one of the hardest decisions I had ever had to make  - before children, a simpler time. After days. possibly weeks of deliberation I chose the pearl, but not without regret.... I missed that snap as the flip clicked the phone shut.  The hours spent texting for lack of a qwerty keypad. The solid weight and bulk of all it's glorious hardware..I think about that phone often and still wonder if I made the right decision.  (Luckily we kept the phone for our kids to play with - my daughter once asked me what it was.)  I have since upgraded to the iphone 4s and I have to admit it is a little piece of genius , but again I had to be convinced that I needed it. I was perfectly happy with my iphone 3GS. 
I do not like change. I am not one to make rash decisions. If money doesn't need to be spent I won't spend it. And I don't like bringing unnecessary things in to our house. Most decisions I make  have to go through a vigorous thought process - lists of pros and cons.  Questions. Surveys. Polls. Waffling back and forth....Should I? Shouldn't I? Do I really "need" this? Can I live with the old one? Does it matter that some of the letters on the keyboard don't always work or that the scroll bar is inoperable? Today it matters. Tomorrow maybe not...
I am a massage therapist -not an I.T. wizard. I don't require a fancy computer.  I have valuable pictures and videos. Important emails to tend to. A blog to maintain. Videos and photo books to make. Research to do and the occasional bad TV show to watch...
So.....I ask IS THE IPAD WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR? and if not what is?

PS - I realize that this is completely a but none the less....