Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making new friends

They say that babies and dogs are the best way to make new friends. Not too sure who they are as I have had a dog, and now have a baby, and I am not making many new friends!
Before I go any further let me say that I am a nice person. My friends tell me that I am a good friend.
Two years ago my husband was transfered from BC to Ontario. Having never lived in Ontario I had no friends. Having a dog I figured the best way to get out and make friends was to go walk the dog. Day after day I went to the park, and day after day I came home friendless. I did eventually meet a nice retired couple who walked with us every morning. I joined a yoga class. I started to work part time. I joined some meet up groups. Still no reall friends. I was getting pretty lonely.
Then I got pregnant, and I thought to myself, maybe when I have a baby I will be able to make some new friends. Nine months went by, and I had a beautiful baby girl. Still no real friends.
My husband took paternity leave when Lola was born, and how excited was I - I had a friend!
Now my husband is back at work, and I am here with Lola... still no real friends.
I have joined every mom meet up group I can think of. I have gone to every drop in class that there is. Every time I do something new I hope that this will be the day that my friend turns up.
So there goes the theory that dogs and babies are a good way to meet new people.
Until later I am staying optimistic.
Will you be my friend?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New in Teething

My daughter Lola is nine months old and is displaying all the classic signs of teething; pulling her ears, rosy cheeks, drooling, crying, snotty nose...She does not seem to want to use the traditional teething tools - cold teething rings, silver spoons, biscuits. She would prefer to chew on my parents dogs bone!!!! 
Is this wrong?

Disclaimer: the bone is made out of nylon. It is not an animal bone.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today's Lesson

Today Lola learned that boys play rough.
She seems ok with it. She will play rougher.
I learned that I have to let her learn these lessons the hard way.
Not sure who that is harder on??
My question is - When is it too rough and when can a mom step in?