Tuesday, January 19, 2016


After reading 365grateful.com I have become inspired to start recognizing what I am grateful for. So often we go days, weeks, months, even years without ever acknowledging our gratitude. Life just flies by as if with no true meaning. The special moments are taken for granted and the beauty in our lives is overlooked.
So, for today, and hopefully the next 365, I will write down, photograph, or simply acknowledge my gratitude. Whether it's the beauty of the mountains or the sound of my children sleeping. A simple nod or quiet hello to the moment so it doesn't go unnoticed.
Life does get busy, and I forget to stop and smell the roses,  so I am hoping this exercise will help me on my path to gratitude.
Today's gratitude is for a note that was scribbled on my bathroom mirror. It was 5am and I was tired, grumpy and rushing to get out to the gym. I looked up from brushing my teeth and saw this lovely note from my husband. "You are my best friend" xo 6
So today I am grateful for him and his abundance of thoughtfulness.